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YN Therapy

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Seats Available: 24 students only (12 males & 12 females)
Cost: USD4300 for 96 hours/ 6 months
Duration: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week
Course: No paperwork. Live demonstration.
Age: 18-30

Entry Requirements: To be eligible for admission, you must first fulfill the entry requirements. An athlete or a person with sports background would have an advantage. Please call +605 5462811 for further enquiry.

Lodging arrangement is available for foreign students during their training course with additional USD100 per month. if you are interested, please contact us for more information.

On completion of the training course, students will be awarded a certificate. They would have achieved the objectives of learning the secrets of therapy, tips on good health and therapy techniques. The benefits derived may bring changes to your life. In fact, mastering this skill not only helps you live a healthy life but also enables you to help others in the capacity of a professional therapist. It is definitely very rewarding and worth your money.

Exclusive Package to new customers!

Enjoy whole body of therapy with a purchase of USD234. Medicated oil is provided.

Big Order & Big Offer!

Any purchase of YN Therapy Medicated or Essential Liquid of:
100 bottles (Free 1 Iron Fingers)
1000 bottles (Free 1 Iron Fingers + 1 time personal training)

The Secret of Health

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