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We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our clients for the quality of our products and treatment. Click on the link below to view all testimonials sampling from our clients.

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Miss Amanda Tung


a busy and hectic lifestyle brings about mental stress and strain while meals and sleeps are not proper and regular too. the nervous system of our body is in control of the cells, muscles, organs and system functions. If bones or nerves are not in their positions or have moved away from them, the nervous system will be interrupted. The interruption may affect our muscles or the nerves of our organs resukting in the loss of normal functions and health of the body.

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Xue Mei

May 29th 2009

Scrape Therapy is an ancient Chinese natural therapy. Until today, we are still uncertain about its origin. According to some records, it originated in the Yuan Dynasty.

Scrape therapy is a very good method to remove toxins on a specific part of the body and derver as a prevention of illnesses by eliminating them at the initial stage. Using a scrape plate to scrape the external part of the skin with a lotion may cause slight discomfort and bleeding underthe skin which will let out toxins from the body.....

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Puan Hajah Halimah Binti Iman

Mar 2007

Pertemuan di antara saya dengan Mr. Wong bermula semasa saya mengadakan lawatan tapak kilang solar milik beliau di Menglembu.

Melihat kepada rupa paras dan keadaan fizikal saya tiday menyangka umur beliau telah mencecah hampir 58 tahun. Beliau kelihatan maasih muda dan sihat. Bila ditanya tentang rahsia beliau kekal muda dan sihat, beliau menceritakan tentang rawatan urutan yang dijalankan....

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Chrys Wong

Jan 2007

In July last year, while I was on a business trip to attend a conference in another town, i discovered my eyelid was inflamed with a small boil. I went to seek tratment at a nearby clinic. The doctor prescribed some medications for five days, after which if there was no improvement, then a surgery might be necessary....

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Jack Liew

Dec 2006

Through Business RElation, I get to know Mr Wong Hock Yim (Ironman). Understood that Mr Wong dealing in Therapy with his own produce Medicated Lotion. After his explanation on human body system, immediately I request his therapy to apply on me...

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Mr Lee Kok Ann

18th Nov 2006

I was admitted to hospita; for some time when I was 7 years old. It was due to high fever which causes my Brain Nerves Loss of Control that affected my left hand to move normally. This sickness has been suffered by me years by years. My parents, relatives and friends had helped me to searching high and low for doctors. Moreover, I had tried from whomever doctors they found but no one would cure my sickness.....

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Mr & Mrs.Tan

Sept 2006

Four years ago our daughter Xuan then aged 10, suddenly had a fever upon returning from her schooling. The fever came persistently that it lasted for five days during which she had taken some western medicines for fever from the clinic. She began to loose strength in physical movement. Her condition was not much improved, and she was then rushed to a specialist hospital for treatment. Doctor immediately treated her with a series of antibiotics together with other medicines as well as vitamins....

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Tuan Haji Musa Bin Haji Nordin


Saya mula mengetahui rawatan terapi Mr Wong apabila isteri saya Puan Hajjah Halimah menceritakan kepada saya perubahan yang beliau alami setelah melalui rawatan dengan Mr Wong. Memendangkan umur saya yang telah pun melebihi 50 tahun, maka saya bersetuju untuk mencuba rawatan rawatan Mr. Wong.

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