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With the progress and advancement in science and technology, the living conditions of the society are also upgraded. However, environmental pollution, chemicals and other causes have brought a great number of diseases to us. People of our present age, irrespective of their gender, age, race and social status can fall prey to these diseases. In minor cases, they can be treated with medicine but in more serious ones, people may find themselves in endless problems and unbearable pain. Despite the sayings “Prevention is better than cure” and “Seek treatment before it becomes serious”, it is always easier said than done. Consequently people may become too ill to be saved one day.

“A world of wealth is no better than good health”. Mr. Wong Hock Yim, also known as Ironman, has an enviable physique. His success was not achieved overnight. During his young days, he was energetic and very active in sports. Unfortunately, he hurt his back without knowing it and the symptoms appeared a few years later. He suffered great pain. His strong character would not allow him to be defeated by pain and suffering. In fact, they were the driving force that made him learn the skill of massaging his back. Initially the experience was not pleasant and at one stage he was on the brink of giving up due to the intense pain. However, his strong will and character drove him to try again and again. Finally, through years of trials and errors, he formulated 2 medicated liquid for therapy, YN Medicated Liquid and YN Essential Liquid. In 2006, they were approved and registered with the Ministry of Health as products safe to use.

YN Therapy was innovated by Ironman Wong 25 years ago with the desire to maximize energy and maintain highest fitness in human body. The Therapy had proven that good blood circulation enables nutrients and oxygen to be delivered throughout the body and there will be replacement of new cells and improved flexibility of limbs and body joints. This Therapy is found to be helpful in healing and preventing heart diseases and enhancing men’s vitality, energy and performance.

It is effective for disabled people whose movements are affected by diseases and injuries. For an active person like the Ironman, this Therapy had shown tremendous improvement in his sports performance. The sports records created by the Ironman are the best testimony to the effectiveness of the therapy.

Mr. Wong is also the founder of YN Solar Heater, the first solar energy system in the country. His success in the Therapy provides him another chance to serve the society and the country.

The two Therapy Liquid formulated by Mr. Wong have been continuously improved. They give a pleasant aroma besides being effective.

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