The Principles of Therapy

YN Therapy

Therapy is a method applied on the surface of specific parts of the body to regulate the physiological and pathological conditions to achieve therapeutic effects. In other words, a therapist by using the external force generated by the method which acts on the surface of specific parts of the body or acupoints to promote or improve the physiological cycles of the body and ensure sufficient and unimpeded flow of blood and energy achieving the body strengthening and disease expelling effects.

The causes and effects of stasis of blood in human body

The causes can be categorized into two groups, internal and external:

  1. External causes: When our joints, channels and muscles are bruised or injured resulting from being knocked by an external force, twisted, pulled or pressed or a fall/accident; or due to weakness of the body, exhaustion, continuous activities or overwork. This is what we call injury of muscles and tendons. This injury, either chronic or acute, is often manifested by pains as its major symptom. This is the result of the injured part (cells) not being treated or not treated properly after bleeding and consequently the blood that is off from its channel is not passed out from the body and becomes stagnant in the body blocking the channels and affecting the smooth flow of the energy and blood. Over time, a stasis of blood will be formed and bring about ‘blocked passage that causes pain’. The main objective of the therapy is to get ‘the passage through and pain removed.’

  2. Internal causes: When the blood in a channel is blocked by a pathogenic factor (wind-cold) or phlegm-fire or damp-heat, it may accumulate and form a stasis of blood. At the initial stage, the blocked channels due to internal causes may not be felt by the patient. However, when the stasis develops into a certain stage, the cells at the affected area will become deficient in oxygen resulting from insufficient supply of blood. Symptoms like strained muscles, discomfort or pain, numbness etc may appear on the affected areas. If no remedial treatments are taken allowing the oxygen lacking condition to persist, the cells at the affected areas will lose their vigor or may even die causing other problems or diseases. In a slighter case, the skin will lose its luster, look dull, form pigmentation (black spots, freckles) and pains and numbness of the limbs will be felt. In a more serious case, pathological changes may be caused to internal organs as a result of the blockage in the channel and insufficient supply of blood to an organ affecting its functions. Over time, serious diseases like heart diseases, kidney diseases, blockage of blood vessels and strokes may occur. The uses of therapy are to dredge all the channels and vessels ensuring the smooth flow of energy and blood and normal metabolism of cells for the maintenance of good health.

The body reactions to therapy

When the blocked areas of the body are dredged by therapy, the stasis of blood that has been long formed at a localized part will be released together with fresh blood. They will appear on the surface of the skin in the form of red patches or ecchymosis. This is a natural course of development because to remove the damaged cells accumulated in the body so as to be replaced by new cells, the “Repair system for the damaged” of the body must be activated. To activate this system, the 3 processes of “bruises”, “bleeding” and “pains” must occur. When the damaged cells are replaced by new cells, the red patches will gradually disappear and the condition will be back to normal.

The Secret of Health

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