About Ironman Malaysia

YN Therapy

The Ironman - Master of therapy helps people to rediscover health.

Ironman Wong Hock Yim, aged 62, is the founder of YN Therapy and chairman of YN Solar Heater Manufacturer, Yat Ngai Solar Engineering Works and Yat Ngai Trading Sdn. Bhd. As regards his social activities, he is currently a commitee member of Perak Engineering and Manufacturing Association, a member of the Yellow Shirt Team, Ipoh Road Runner, Benevolence Society of Buntong, etc.

In 2003, Master Wong started off his therapy practices by applying the treatments on his family members, friends and even strangers and visitors at his own expenses. As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”. News of his good work began to spread when his “patients’” health began to show improvements.

As a hardworking man, there are no rooms for complacency. He is fully dedicated to his work even though he has to run his Solar Heater System business and Massage Therapy at the same time.

In May 2005, he was invited to Japan for a demonstration. He received commendation and applause from the crowd made up of Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Koreans who accepted his massage therapy. The remarkable results achieved should also be attributed to his effective medicated lotions. These medicated lotions were formulated through years of research and improvements. He has applied for MAL permit from the Health Ministry of Malaysia so as to market them to benefit the public.

He is always guided by his motto: “Do as promised, differentiate between the right and the wrong, continue to learn and strive for success.” He should be a role model to others. Master Wong had only primary education but his success as a businessman and self-taught massage therapist are testimony to his achievements in life. It is true that one can brighten up other people’s life and earn the respect of others if one is willing to make sacrifices.

“A world of wealth is no better than good health”

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